Official L. Ron Hubbard Video: Heritage Site in Phoenix, Arizona, Founding the Scientology Religion

Camelback House
Phoenix, Arizona

Living and dining area of L. Ron Hubbard’s house in Phoenix, restored with all furnishings, fabrics and artwork as they were when he lived here and conducted his research on the human spirit.
With his isolation and identification of the human spirit in 1952, L. Ron Hubbard founded the Scientology religion. Its first formal organization was the Hubbard Association of Scientologists in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was there L. Ron Hubbard authored the first basic books of Scientology—specifically in his home at the foot of the Phoenix landmark Camelback Mountain. It was also there he convened informal discussions with students attending the seven Advanced Clinical Courses and three Congresses in neighboring facilities.

Displays featured in the now fully restored Camelback House provide details of L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery of the spiritual being as separate from the body and mind; his design of the original Scientology cross and collar pins; the recording equipment used to preserve some 600 lectures he gave from the spring of 1952 through spring of 1955, and the camera he used to chronicle the emergence of the only new religion of the twentieth century.

Today, Scientologists visiting Mr. Hubbard’s Camelback home learn of his adventures and challenges in discovering and identifying the human spirit and in the founding of the Scientology religion. It is here that Scientologists trace the research trail of L. Ron Hubbard that culminated in the discovery of the human soul.